05 January 2015

The Charms of Chaos

Here is an honest look into my messier days. I do keep a decently clean home, but today I had tons of laundry to do and fold. And let's be true, some days you just don't make your bed. But there was something inherently lovely in the mess of colors and patterns from all of the chaos. So I decided to let my shield down and share my mayhem shamelessly. 

We've had sick kids for the past two weeks so our room was filled with neglected clothes and tons of kids toys, books, plushies, tissue boxes, various remedies, and so forth. Ah, the weight off of my mind to get rid of some of it!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who cannot sit through folding laundry without some sort of entertainment (today's being the 2005 Pride and Prejudice film; not my favorite, but I love the aesthetic).

It was sunny with few clouds and yet there were little snow flurries about through the day. The light was relaxing and was well lent to the dull task of folding laundry, which I had been avoiding for a couple of days.

Ah, Marceline, you look so noble sometimes. But I know your brains are fluff.

Aside from noting that there was an abnormal amount of gold hues in the attic bedroom, I noticed that I was wearing (the top one is me) and folding exclusively golden shirts for myself. Literally there were no other shirts for me to fold besides this color. ... It was even a little weird to me.

Ah Marce, blank stare... tongue sticking out a little bit. You're my kind of cat. 

Thanks for looking! Have a relaxing winter day, friends. 


  1. Wow where did all the kids come from? Cute kitties :)

    1. Lolll the scariest typo yet! Sick kids!


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