26 January 2015

January 26: This week, Last Year

We had moved to Pennsylvania less than a month before this, on December 15. But I feel like we were making decent domestic progress.

Mmm... I made orange honey dijon salmon for Shabbos that week. It was particularly moist and tasty!

Aviva was still two at this time last year!

She seemed so much older than that, my pretty girl. 

Aryeh has just turned one the month before. Those cheeks!

Get out of my yarn basket, mischievous boy. That Road to China Light costs upwards of $15 a skein, child!

Such a serious artist.

So much face. I want to grab all of his face fat and kiss kiss kiss him.


  1. He has so much hair! Even at one!! Lily has nothing lol. It's been a year since you guys came out to visit. Miss you guys


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