01 January 2015

Deep Breath

It's a new year. Taking a deep breath in the brisk winter weather can be so refreshing. The new year is always filled with hopes for improvement and change, often times feeling unrealistic and beyond reach. This time around I've decided that nothing is beyond my grasp and that I just have run after my goals and dreams and get them by my hands and make them mine. In the past I've let fear of failure, laziness, and so on block my from a productive path. This year is different. I made a list of goals that I feel are achieveable but not beneath me.

Nurturing a happier, more fun atmosphere for my family, starting with a happier me.

Blog consistently for year, proving to myself that I can still do it.

Return to my former dreamy state of mind, seeking beauty in everything.

Be creative every single day, whether knitting, crafting, drawing. Anything.

Work on my dream: a creative business.

Please help encourage me on the path to my goals for the year and I hope that anyone else that happens upon my journal is also encouraged to work on their goals for the year.


  1. Love your goals!! I look forward to seeing more posts from you :). Happy new year!!


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