31 July 2014

Twigs and Willows and the Green That Sings

Listening to Kaito - Run Through the Road in the Fog, from Until the End of Time
Resolving to get Aryeh weaned from nursing to sleep.

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two photos copyright alana dakos!

Naturally, I've selected a sweater to do for the Very Shannon Summer Sweater KAL, which starts today. I bought the yarn a month or so ago in anticipation, but alas... I can't start knitting until next Tuesday night, the end of the Nine Days of mourning on the Jewish calendar. I suppose technically I could knit this week, but it's better to be stringent. Above is the pattern I selected, the Twigs and Willows cardigan by Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting. Below is the wooly beauty I chose at Natural Stitches.

Little hint of yellow, variegated mossy green tones... I love. Originally I grabbed the Blue Moon BFL Sport in this colorway, The Green That Sings, but it just didn't feel as glorious as the Targhee did. Honestly, I did prefer the color of the BFL! But alas, not all goes as planned! So Targhee Worsted it is! I would have had to adjust my gauge a lot more anyway, I suppose. 

Two skeins of this beauty and I'm set. But can you imagine... winding that 616 yards TIMES TWO by hand? I could not, so I took their complementary winding of the first skein. Let me say... my dainty little wisp of an arm will be falling off when it comes time to wind that second skein at home! Look at the size of that yarn cake! I will take a picture of it next to my head or in my hand or something for a true comparison, but mark my words, it's massive! 


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