07 January 2013

Resolve to Make Goals

I've spent the past week really thinking about the new year and my desire for more loose resolutions. So I decided I'd have general goals without specifics and each month I'd make 4 simple goals and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Here's what this year looks like:

I'd like to create everyday. Whether that means pen and paper illustration, knitting, or even just an edited photo in Afterglow, I'd like to stay in a constant state of creativity. I made this goal last year and was having problems staying inspired. {this month} Make 31 granny squares!

Work on being a more sweet, mindful, patient, pious, and affectionate mother and wife. My self-esteem and happiness needs work. I find myself not as positive a person as I'd like... I have rather high expectations of myself and others. I don't feel unreasonable but I figure if I'm placing my standards on others that's pretty unreasonable. simple. I'd like to make more time for prayer and Tehillim daily, for taking care of my body. I believe that it's hard to feel electric and alive if you don't take care of yourself! It's really easy to overlook this especially as a mother, whether food or exercise. {this month} I'd like to work on loosening up my expectations and smiling more!

I have a hope to record life by journaling here as frequently as possible. I used to make time for such things but that's kind of fallen through the cracks since November of 2011. I've got two littles under two and I'm a stay at home mom with no preschool age children. It can be really tough to find the time! But memories need recording! (Luckily instagram helps with this a lot). {this month} I'd like to post twice a week for the rest of January.



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