17 October 2012

Winter Arrival Pebble Vest

So this Pebble vest... Apparently, it's an simple and popular knitting project for expectant mothers. After seeing it on SouleMama, I figured I'd check it out on Ravelry and see if I could give it a try. I've already passed the instructed newborn length, but because we Rosier/Deitch children tend to be longer babies, I figured I'd add another 10 rows and knit it up one needle size from 4 to 5. Hopefully this will help the vest last past that first newborn month or two.

First off, it's so simple and straight forward that a knitter with basic skills (knit/purl) can whip it up in no time! It also appears to be very easy to gauge up or down for a custom size for an older child. And luckily there are tons of variations detailed kindly by other users. I'll have to share some of the inspiring ones before I'm done.

I originally bought this yarn in 2009, intending to make Josh socks with it. (Lol. I still haven't knitted a pair of socks before, so maybe I'll make that a Chanukah goal...) It's so pretty, with three strands of variegated color twining around. It self stripes in a neat way. I bought this well before I understood the importance of keeping yarn labels sadly, so yet again, I have no idea what this is. It reminds me of some Berroco "Keltic" yarn. It's definitely a cotton wool blend or something of the sort and it feels lovely. But I can just imagine what the colors will look like on our winter boy. I made booties in brown and forest green to match and have fabric to make little coordinating pants for him.

Today for the first time I got the feeling that Aviva really understood that there was going to be a baby in the house soon. Just now she pointed to the pictures of the vest and said "bah-bah" (her word for baby). Makes me all warm inside!


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