14 August 2012

A Letter to Aviva: 16 months

Dear Aviva,

You run and dance and play with big kids. You sing and shake hands and ask "whas daa?" to everything. Your vocabulary is blossoming and you are no longer so afraid of the pool. You use your imagination for everything, making mama and papa horse kiss and making us wooden chicken soup, served up with love and your little ladle. You read to yourself quietly in the corner and give kisses (mmmmah) all the time. 

Your smile is still magical. Your snowy skin has turned summer gold and you look like the most precious doll. Wide-eyed, always smiling, and mischievous to the nth degree, you are mama's precious, precious girl.


Over this past month, Vivi has grown in most of her teeth but two or three. This early?! No wonder she's been a fussbutt. ;) This past week she said "apo" apple, "bebe" baby, "duhdee" dirty, amongst other equally adorable renditions of random English vocabulary. I was so proud to hear her repeat some letters of the alphabet on her own in her own funny way.

I love my liitle girl. <3


  1. Aww what a cutie pie! I love love LOVE the polka dot blankie with the lady bugs!!! I want to add that fabric to my stash....


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