01 January 2012


Morning fog in the fields. 

I've been thinking about goal fulfillment. We make a ton resolutions. More than likely we won't keep them all very long. But if we try just one simple goal that encompasses a more broad achievement, perhaps our resolutions will be more attainable. We could have a chance to feel proud of our efforts everyday by making our resolutions more encompassing of our lifestyle and the kind of life we'd like to leave.

I.E. One could say they'd like to put a greater focus on attachment parenting. That's more achievable than saying "I want to start cloth diapering my infant today and never touch a disposable again." If one don't leave oneself opportunities to be more forgiving and flexible, the more disappointed one would be in their performance.

I know I'm not likely to be able to post everyday or do one specific thing everyday. I'd be disappointed when I got burned out or distracted. So this year my goal is different.

I want to spend a little time everyday creating. That could be anything. We are created in the image of a Creator. Women especially. Our biological imperative is to create life the way our Creator does. That's how fundamentally involved in creating we are. I'd like to make time for some sort of imaginative creativity everyday. Whether it's a little writing or sewing, crafting or baking, designing or planning a room, whatever. Even cell phone photography works for my goal.

So here's to becoming a more completely creative person everyday.


  1. Ooo love that photo! I'm saving it because it's totally inspiring a story right now!!

    I look forward to seeing some of your creativity in 2012! Happy New Year!!

  2. I think that is an excellent goal for this year.


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