01 November 2011

Sit'n'Stitch Tuesday: Kitsune Crochet Baby Hat

So, this is the first hat I've made for little Aviva. I didn 't have the right yarn and didn't feel like running out to get more, so my experiment was to double up two strands of DK weight yarn. And I did. :) Next time, I will definitely do it the right way and not be lazy, but it turned out all right either way.

A red foxes ears should be sticking up a little more, so she looks more like Eevie, the Pokemon. Which is fine. ;) So my next fox hat will have the ears up higher!

I made the hat in the 1-5 years size, not the 6 month size, so that it will fit her large ever expanding head longer (though at this point I'm going to make another one.) So what have I learned? Don't be lazy, go buy more yarn. ;) 

Both Stephanie and I are posting our stitching progress weekly, so hopefully I'll have some new torturous creation to put on my little poppet's head. 

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  1. Awww you finished it! It looks so cute! I like the ears to the side! And she let you put it on!!! Ryan won't keep it on, he takes if off right away... :/

  2. Ooooh, your daughter looks so cute in the fox hat you made. It is lovely :)

  3. That hat is adorable. So is your little girl. Too cute for words! Have popped over from Lynne's but having trouble with your "about" link above. Probably just me so I will come back and try again soon. :)

  4. First of all I have to say that your baby is just precious & I love the hat as well. I was reading your intro and I thought this is a girl after my own heat! We did a ton of the same stuff with our family (I breastfed my babies until they were 19 & 20 mons., we also did cloth diapering - which we are now potty trained in the last month & half yay & we have a family bed as well) & I'm so excited to follow you and find out more. I hope you have a fantastic day & please stop by my blog as well if you get the chance. January T

  5. oh my goodness, your girl is adorable! adorable! and that fox hat is too too cute.

  6. I don't know what is cuter: your little one or the hat. I have doubled up on a lighter weight yarn with good results too, sometimes it's a great way to get a color mix up when using varigated yarns.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to see what else you come up with. :)

  7. Your daughter is sooo cute, the hat is lovely and January T's comment made me head over to your intro too and like January, we have done much the same with our 2 young boys, great to meet another small blogger with like minded views and a love of making

  8. Lauren Rose - your little girl is so adorable. :) She likes to pose for pictures too, doesn't she?

    The baby hat looks so cute. You are very talented!


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