10 November 2011

Sit'n'Stitch: Peter Pan

All I'm missing is a feather.

I wanted to make a pixie style hat, but not so pointed. So I used a larger hook to kind of loosen it up the tip a bit. I rolled up the back of the rim to get a Robin Hood kinda feel. Cary Elwes would be proud.

I am ALSO wearing tights. Though not a man in them.

Erin made Aviva a little fuzzy pom-pom hat the other day. She's just wearing hats all the time now! 

She was in the carseat and her hat moved forward to cover her eyes. Like a parrot, she thought it was dark and fell asleep. A big LOL for that.


  1. That's a cute hat! Did you use a pattern? I want to make a hat for myself since Ryan wont wear hats anymore... Maybe that flapper hat? ;)

    Oh! When are we having our first Sit'n'Stitch?


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