02 November 2011

Rose Romper

This is another outfit from within the family, a romper that was originally worn by Aviva's Aunt Jaci (pronounced like Jackie). Ignore the Freddy Krueger doll in the window(Halloween cleaning hasn't really taken place yet) and dirt devil in the background. ;) This is another outfit by Josh's late grandmother Ann.

It has little resin rose buttons down the front. You can kind of see the poof it has going on. That's my favorite thing about this outfit!

"Until next week, friends!" says little waving Aviva. <3



  1. Ooo look how strong she is! What a cutie! I'm still jealous that you have clothes from Josh's family. Did your mom saving anything of yours?

    I wonder if my grandma saved any of my dad's clothing. I wish I could ask her :(

  2. She is such a cutie! I love those "bubble" sort of pants, too! What's scary is that I remember wearing them myself when I was in college in the early 90's!

  3. I love rompers with 'poof'! This one is super sweet and perfect on your little one.

  4. she has such a great smile and I love the little rose romper, you are so lucky to have so many family clothes saved for you, I have 2 dresses of mine and one romper of my brothers and wish my Mum had saved more.

  5. she is darling in that romper, what a pretty print!


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