03 November 2011

Homemade Baby Food

Guess who started solids a couple of weeks ago? These photos are during her first big girl meal in her chair. At first she was rejecting the idea with her mouth as you can see from above. But in the end...

She was feeding herself after the second taste. She always does something to surprise us! So generally, Aviva gets to feed herself as long as she doesn't play with it instead. ;) I scoop and hand it to her, she can put it in her mouth. When I want to be more efficient, I'll feed her myself completely though.

This was the first mixed puree I made, Sweet Potato Apple nom-nom. She likes it more than carrots, but not as much as peas. But pears and prunes... man, that's where it's at when you're 6 months old. She gobbles that stuff down in 5 minutes. (shudder, they have an impressive effect)

I also made homemade rice cereal. She has store bought stuff too (we like Earth's Best Organic Rice Cereaal, very nummy). When she eats homemade rice cereal she eats fruits that are super iron foods to compensate for that artificially added iron that's in the commercial rice cereal so she's covered every day no matter what. She prefers the baby oatmeal I make though and I prefer it too (rice constipates her a bit and oatmeal does the opposite!). 


  1. Hi Lauren, thanks for coming over to my blog and following! I will be staying, too ;-) Your little girl is just adorable!

  2. Recipe please! Rice cereal was the one thing that I didn't make myself. Aviva looks so cute with her lip out! :D

  3. Oh hurry and make a button so that I can post it in my sidebar!!


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