07 November 2011

The Day Before Aviva Was Born...

...we had her baby shower. :) She had some pretty ingenious timing. 

It was themed The Hungry Little Caterpillar that would burst forth a lovely butterfly (get it?). So all of the sweets were butterfly themed. Yummy chocolate cupcakes with sugared gummy butterflies.

Adorable butterfly cookies.

And a chocolate cake (just like the caterpillar eats!) covered in butterfly sprinkles. My mother-in-law did a prodigious job with the theme. You know how the caterpillar eats a bit of all of these different types of food? Well, we prepared each an every one of them. There were butterflies everywhere and decals from the book illustrations everywhere. 

This is why Aviva's room has something of a butterfly theme. I was well and truly exhausted for the first time after the shower. I had been gardening, cleaning, walking for miles, etc. all week before the shower. But the shower was the first time I was so tired I could barely stand. And at 5 AM the next morning, well, the rest is history. :)


  1. Your baby shower was very cute! I just wished we had played games :(


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