19 November 2011

Winter Wristwarmers

My current winter coat of choice doesn't have sealed wrists. Sadface. :( But my wristwarmers do the trick! I oddly enough made them from trim (frills) to top. It was easier to fit them as I went, decreasing when necessary. And they turned out pretty cute and universal to different outfits with the variegated yarn.

What do you say next, mittens? Socks? <-- Socks seem beyond me! Though I've been wanting yoga socks quite badly...

16 November 2011

Sit'n'Stitch: Wingin' it

This week I set out to design a little slipper for Aviva to keep her tootsies warm during the winter. I wanted them to come together quickly so I used some super bulky Lion's Thick and Quick yarn and a 9mm crochet hook to get the job done. I've never crocheted or knitted a baby shoe before (I've sewn a pair before) so it was a fun, learning experience!

This is just the first pair of my first pattern taken on my iPhone so I need to make a couple more pairs, make changes, and make sure I get the notation right and then I'll post some better photos with some better yarn etc. (This is from a frogged hat from a couple years ago...) A couple of things I've decided to change? I'm using an 8mm hook next time and I have some fresh Loops and Threads Charisma to try it out with. 

I also have some cute wrist warmers made from an impromptu pattern I made that I'll share tomorrow! Until then.

10 November 2011

Sit'n'Stitch: Peter Pan

All I'm missing is a feather.

I wanted to make a pixie style hat, but not so pointed. So I used a larger hook to kind of loosen it up the tip a bit. I rolled up the back of the rim to get a Robin Hood kinda feel. Cary Elwes would be proud.

I am ALSO wearing tights. Though not a man in them.

Erin made Aviva a little fuzzy pom-pom hat the other day. She's just wearing hats all the time now! 

She was in the carseat and her hat moved forward to cover her eyes. Like a parrot, she thought it was dark and fell asleep. A big LOL for that.

07 November 2011

The Day Before Aviva Was Born...

...we had her baby shower. :) She had some pretty ingenious timing. 

It was themed The Hungry Little Caterpillar that would burst forth a lovely butterfly (get it?). So all of the sweets were butterfly themed. Yummy chocolate cupcakes with sugared gummy butterflies.

Adorable butterfly cookies.

And a chocolate cake (just like the caterpillar eats!) covered in butterfly sprinkles. My mother-in-law did a prodigious job with the theme. You know how the caterpillar eats a bit of all of these different types of food? Well, we prepared each an every one of them. There were butterflies everywhere and decals from the book illustrations everywhere. 

This is why Aviva's room has something of a butterfly theme. I was well and truly exhausted for the first time after the shower. I had been gardening, cleaning, walking for miles, etc. all week before the shower. But the shower was the first time I was so tired I could barely stand. And at 5 AM the next morning, well, the rest is history. :)

06 November 2011

Just family

Nothing to say today, just thinking about how much I love my little family. :) 
(ignore the iPhone forward facing camera quality)

05 November 2011

Changing colors without weaving in tails!

A wonderful friend of our family, Ginger, recently shared this tutorial with me. It's going to make a huge difference on my next fox hat first of all. And it just looks so much cleaner. In addition to making no obvious signs of color change, it also gets rid of BOTH yarn tails without ANY weaving. I like that. A lot, in case you haven't noticed! Hopefully this will help you out too. Enjoy! This great tutorial is complements of Mikey, of The Crochet Crowd, who has made tutorials for all sorts of fiber arts. Recently, I enjoyed one of his loom knitting tutorials. He's a very talented guy, check him out on youtube!

03 November 2011

Homemade Baby Food

Guess who started solids a couple of weeks ago? These photos are during her first big girl meal in her chair. At first she was rejecting the idea with her mouth as you can see from above. But in the end...

She was feeding herself after the second taste. She always does something to surprise us! So generally, Aviva gets to feed herself as long as she doesn't play with it instead. ;) I scoop and hand it to her, she can put it in her mouth. When I want to be more efficient, I'll feed her myself completely though.

This was the first mixed puree I made, Sweet Potato Apple nom-nom. She likes it more than carrots, but not as much as peas. But pears and prunes... man, that's where it's at when you're 6 months old. She gobbles that stuff down in 5 minutes. (shudder, they have an impressive effect)

I also made homemade rice cereal. She has store bought stuff too (we like Earth's Best Organic Rice Cereaal, very nummy). When she eats homemade rice cereal she eats fruits that are super iron foods to compensate for that artificially added iron that's in the commercial rice cereal so she's covered every day no matter what. She prefers the baby oatmeal I make though and I prefer it too (rice constipates her a bit and oatmeal does the opposite!). 

02 November 2011

Rose Romper

This is another outfit from within the family, a romper that was originally worn by Aviva's Aunt Jaci (pronounced like Jackie). Ignore the Freddy Krueger doll in the window(Halloween cleaning hasn't really taken place yet) and dirt devil in the background. ;) This is another outfit by Josh's late grandmother Ann.

It has little resin rose buttons down the front. You can kind of see the poof it has going on. That's my favorite thing about this outfit!

"Until next week, friends!" says little waving Aviva. <3


01 November 2011

Sit'n'Stitch Tuesday: Kitsune Crochet Baby Hat

So, this is the first hat I've made for little Aviva. I didn 't have the right yarn and didn't feel like running out to get more, so my experiment was to double up two strands of DK weight yarn. And I did. :) Next time, I will definitely do it the right way and not be lazy, but it turned out all right either way.

A red foxes ears should be sticking up a little more, so she looks more like Eevie, the Pokemon. Which is fine. ;) So my next fox hat will have the ears up higher!

I made the hat in the 1-5 years size, not the 6 month size, so that it will fit her large ever expanding head longer (though at this point I'm going to make another one.) So what have I learned? Don't be lazy, go buy more yarn. ;) 

Both Stephanie and I are posting our stitching progress weekly, so hopefully I'll have some new torturous creation to put on my little poppet's head. 

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