25 October 2011

WIP Cowl and Crochet Circles

I just wanted to share a couple of items I'd been playing with this week! (This weeks photos are compliments of my iPhone 4, so they aren't the best.)

 It's kind of an experiment... Hopefully by next week, this cowl will have taken it's final form!

A close up of the texture. I really like where it's going!

I thought I'd learn how to crochet circles. We haven't gotten there yet in crochet school, but this is what I've been looking forward to most! Hopefully next week we'll be working on them. <3 I'm hoping to make Aviva some Autumn hats! 


  1. Looks like you already know how to crochet in the round! :P Once I'm done with Ryan's costume, I want to catch up in Crochet School.


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