06 October 2011

Maryland Day Two and Three: Bottles, Birds, and Buffalo

Josh's grandmother's house is like a treasure trove. Tchotchkes galore. The above is a small selection from her bottle collection, some of which antiques worth a sum and others which fit into the collection due to their rather catching aesthetics.

Grandaddy Jim was a collector, too. This is only a minute bit of his amazing room. But I thought I'd share this favorite bit of stuff. Apparently, he had a great accord for nature, especially birds and buffalo.

And a lovely gift found outside of Josh's uncle Luther's home...

Before we return to California, we still have plenty to do in that house so I hope to find some nifty things for Aviva and discover what else Ann had to share with her family.


  1. My Grandma collected Disney Music boxes! Sadly, I bet my aunt will take all of them for herself and not share... though I would love to have a few of my favorites!


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