03 October 2011

Maryland Day One: Exhaustion

Neglect! It's a terrible thing. And this blog reeks of it. ;) Our family has been preparing for the high holidays (Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish New Year) and it was beautiful. But on the first Shabbat of the New Year shortly after beginning our meal, we received some dreadful news. Josh's grandmother (his mother's mother) passed away. This was the same great-grandmother Ann that made the dress in a previous Little Vintage Style post

It was a very tough time and gave way to an extremely exhausting weekend. Can you tell by our photos? :)We didn't sleep for over 36 hours, having prepared for leaving for Maryland at 4 AM on Sunday morning. This was Aviva's first trip and she was so well behaved on the plane, etc! Such a joy!

We spent a lot of time at Josh's uncle Luther's home. He's such an amazing man, a wondrous poet! They've been really strong despite losing their mother. Busy with plans, busy with the future. He selected a fund for people to donate to in her name instead of sending flowers. It's to enable underprivileged students go to college. She was an educator and school principal for 40 years. She requested her body be donated to medical science. That's the kind of selfless person she was.

The above is at Pita Hut in Gaithersburg, MD. Lol. What a name. Since I won't be able to craft, I figured I'd keep a travel log of sorts and catalogue interesting finds and family moments.


  1. Sorry to hear about Josh's Grandma. :( Wish you a safe trip! (Aviva is such a cutie pie!)


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