19 October 2011

Marching Band

Yesterday, Aviva wriggled around in an outfit of her father's. Best part is it's a 12 mos. outfit and she's barely 6 months!

A pair of charming John-John's and a shirt with navy piping. It features cute little marching band in red, gold, and white. I love the way it shows a little bit of the belly of the shirt between the chest and shorts.

The straps cross in the back and button above her tushie. I know it's a boys outfit but it's so sweet I couldn't not let Aviva romp about in it.

Josh said it was like looking into a time machine mirror haha.



  1. Awww she's sitting up now! What a cutie! Just throw a pink bow on her, with some pink shoes and that outfit becomes a girls outfit. ;)

  2. just gorgeous, I love the little marching men and she looks so cute sitting up


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