11 October 2011

6 Months

Oh, Vivi!

How the time flies! I feel like I just wrote your 5 month letter!

Over the past month, you've done such amazing things! You've leapt from a sitting position into a standing position, leaving your Savta (grandmother) in stitches and your Ima wide-eyed after catching you). You've begun to get in to crawling position, and you're speech is coming along so well! I love hearing your dada, nana, ning, nans, baba, gaga, lala, and so on. The way you babble at me, it feels like we are having a real conversation.

And just last week, while in Maryland, you cut your first tooth! I will have quite the story to tell you about that... Despite the passing of your great-grandmother, you were able to keep your Savta smiling despite it. You kept her laughing and kept her tears at bay, and you were the blessing we needed to get her through this difficult time. Let's just say G-d knew what he was doing when he brought you our way.

Everyone that meets you goes on and on about how smart and advanced you are. It's enough to go to a mother and father's head! I have no perspective on this since you are my only so far, but your Abba often jokes, "how will your brothers and sisters ever measure up?!". 

During five hours straight of Hashanah services, you never once cried. You smiled and flirted with everyone around you and grabbed everyone's siddur (prayerbook). Everytime the Rabbi started to sing, you would, too, at the top of your lungs and all of the men and women in the shul laughed and smiled, saying how you were full of the spirit of the New Year!

May our new year be blessed and may you continue to be the glowing star in our family that keeps our smiles bright.

Your Ima


  1. Solids, here she comes! Top 100 Baby Purees by" Annabel Karmel is great book if you're thinking of making your own purees! All you need is a food processor. Baby food jars are bland and not to mention expensive! Making your own is cheap and easy. It's also a great way to introduce Aviva to the foods you eat. Good luck! (And just because she's eating solid foods doesn't mean she'll nurse less! She still needs over 20 ounces a day. Ryan still nursed every 3 hours.)

  2. What a beautiful story! I bet your daughter will really love it when she gets to read this in the future.
    I do not have any children but I can feel the love you have for your daughter through your post. :)


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