01 September 2011

Thursday's Thrift Finds: The Garret

This week I went to the Garret Thrift Shop. This is a favorite. They fund a local hospital. I got a great 35mm lens and camera here a couple years ago. This time, a chotchke, and some other craft items. And obviously, I got another denim skirt (because no religious Jewish woman is complete without a ton of them!).

This week I found a cute patterned purse (to go along with my many Native American pattern inspired bags... ). Josh actually grabbed this one for me. One dollar! Someday, I'll replace the strap with something cuter and make it a bag for Aviva.

There were a ton of nifty crafting finds: cheap, vintage blanket binding and yards of rose colored elastic lace. 

I got this gingham cut of vintage fabric with an American charm. I'm planning on making Aviva a cute skirt and hat set from it next week. I hope wrist is healed up enough so I can get back to crafting! It's been really hard being unable to use my hand, but what can you do!

Lastly, Josh's find. LOL. Winnie the Pooh book ends of his favorite scene: Pooh's rear end stuck in the tree and the gang pulling his tush out. I said, "oh those would be a cute addition to Aviva's new white shelves!"

"Nope. Those are for me."



  1. Nice finds! I never think to look at thrift stores for fabric/sewing stuff! I did find some michael miller fat quarters at Just Between Friends baby sale.

    That gingham is super cute! I can't wait to see what you turn it into!!

  2. Weird, I posted from the wrong account...


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