03 September 2011

The Sling

Babywearing often comes up with me. Someday I'll write about my parenting philosophies and methods and babywearing is a part of that list. I often encourage Josh to wear Aviva in the Snugli that Steph got us for our shower and they both love it. I wore the Snugli a lot but I decided I wanted to try sewing some other babywearing solutions before spending money on others I wanted to try. 

These aren't the best pictures of the sling (blurry, dusk photos and Aviva was wiggling around and crinkling it up, lol) but they serve the purpose. I used this tutorial from Handmade Adelaide Baby to put this sling together. The brown Moda fabric used was from my local Beverly's. It was my first time using a french-felled seam and I was surprised at how easy it was to create such a strong reinforced pocket for my sling.

Unfortunately, I made my french-felled seam a little too big and therefore the sling became a little too small in my opinion. But despite that, Avey Baby loves it! She likes having her arms both out and in. When in, she snuggles up close and holds on to me. Her mouth latches onto the fabric and she just soaks it right through was slobber. :) 

Here are a couple photos from the first times she wore it. Haha, and this is how it's supposed to sit! You can see the green vine stitching I did along the top and bottom of the sling in these iPhone photos. So the next one will be better! But for my first sling, both me and Aviva are happy.


  1. Cute sling! Babywearing is the way to go! I wore Ryan until he was too heavy to carry in the front. (8/9 months old? I think?) Now he rides in the shopping cart or stroller when we go out. I need to buy a backpack so he can go hiking with me, but they are so expensive I'm trying to decide if I will use it enough to be worth it.

    I am jealous that you have a Beverlys!! I'm still trying to find a local store to buy Moda, Kaufman, and other high end quilting fabrics from. There's a Beverly's in Carmichael (where Addison lives!) that I want to check out, but that's 20 miles away. I wish there was one in town. I hate waiting for UPS to give me my Kona Solids! I want to finish Alice and Addison quilt!

  2. Lol, apparently I scheduled this post a day early! Whoops! Wasn't trying to post on Shabbat!


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