15 September 2011

Roses and Scallops

If you'd like to check out Aviva's Little Vintage Style outfit from yesterday's party, it's the previous post. I looooved her outfit. 


For this weeks Small Style, I took some photos of Aviva when she was in her adorable Janie & Jack rose onesie and matching scalloped overalls. My mother is from Korea and sometimes, like in the above photo, I can really see the Korean features in Aviva, even though they are watered down by generations.

This outfit is complements of Ava's Zayde (means Grandpa). He's got taste! I love the details of the little roses on the scalloped collar. And I have to say, that drooly gloss of slime on her chin is kinda cute.

For shoes, she is wearing leather Jack and Lily shoes in brown and pink with cream stitching. I love the little hearts... <3 I feel like a silly runway commentator. This is ridiculous.

I also took a couple of photos when she was playing with her favorite lovey, FooBun. NOM NOM yummy bunny.

She's my own little lovey. :)

Linking up with the lovely Morgan of MamaLovesPapa. 


  1. Hehe I like how you pose her on that hot fuchsia rug! What a color!

    Aviva looks like a doll! She is so cute! Mixed race babies really are the cutest!

  2. I am loving this outfit! I love how you love her. I know how you feel :)

    By the way, I found you through Small Style! I have a similar linky called Mini Mod on Fridays, I'd love it if you linked up there too if you get a chance! :)

  3. She is so cute!!! Found you at Baby Making..


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