07 September 2011

Little Pink Sailor

Big smile for the camera. <3 She's wearing a vintage Sacks Fifth Avenue pink sailor dress that originally belonged to her Auntie Jaci who is currently abroad in Australia. This dress came from the early eighties and has seem some love. Aviva is the third girl to wear it! Auntie Julianne wore it first.

Drool aside, there are cute white straps to be tied in a bow (which I tied rather inexpertly). 

For bottoms she's wearing yellow bloomers from a coordinating outfit from Saks. My friend Erin took a couple of pictures of both me and Aviva. 

My little sweetie. And that silly bow with little stringies of hair. Love! Poor thing, I'm obviously desperate to put any little bit of hair into a bow I can. If the nineties counts as vintage now (shocking... I was a kid in the nineties, how could that be vintage?! haha), then that plastic bow counts as vintage. 

Today I'm linking up!



  1. oh, she is adorable! I was desperate to use the bows as soon as possible with my own daughter as well!

  2. eeeep.. those big Bambi eyes.. she's a doll, and a sweet keepsake dress too, love it. :o)
    Nice to meet you Rose!
    needle and nest design

  3. Awww she's so cute! I want a girl! How nice that the dress was saved! My mom didn't save any of our clothes, besides the hospital onesie we came home in.

  4. you have a gorgeous little girl, I think vintage sailor outfits are my fave on girls and boys

  5. she is so darling, rose! that smile and those cheeks! and that is such a cute dress, i love the sailor style.


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