02 September 2011

Friday's Family Photos: Walks

Like every week, we take abundant walks on the trail through the week. This is one of my favorite times to talk to Josh. It gives us time to enjoy the wildlife around us, Aviva's coos. Everything slows down and talking about life becomes easier in the silence of the trail.

Aviva sports her little lenses when we're out. Generally, she's a hit.

It's so beautiful along the trails here, grasses and dappled light at dusk, little miniature groves.

My poor wrist... tendonitis. It's keeping me from crafting; it's driving me crazy! A few weeks ago I started feeling pain in my left wrist. Whenever I moved my thumb, it would spasm in pain and would feel like it had popped out of place. It felt stuck. I would have to painfully move it in order for it to "pop back". 

My love. Josh and his silly faces. <3

I can't wait to start blogging again. This hiatus has been long!


  1. Wow, she keeps the shades on? I sense a future diva! LOL She's a cutie! How nice that you have hiking trials so close to home (right in your backyard!) Awesome!


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