15 September 2011

Roses and Scallops

If you'd like to check out Aviva's Little Vintage Style outfit from yesterday's party, it's the previous post. I looooved her outfit. 


For this weeks Small Style, I took some photos of Aviva when she was in her adorable Janie & Jack rose onesie and matching scalloped overalls. My mother is from Korea and sometimes, like in the above photo, I can really see the Korean features in Aviva, even though they are watered down by generations.

This outfit is complements of Ava's Zayde (means Grandpa). He's got taste! I love the details of the little roses on the scalloped collar. And I have to say, that drooly gloss of slime on her chin is kinda cute.

For shoes, she is wearing leather Jack and Lily shoes in brown and pink with cream stitching. I love the little hearts... <3 I feel like a silly runway commentator. This is ridiculous.

I also took a couple of photos when she was playing with her favorite lovey, FooBun. NOM NOM yummy bunny.

She's my own little lovey. :)

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14 September 2011

Great-grandmother Anne's Handiwork

If you'd like to check out Aviva's Small Style outfit, it's tomorrows post!

A month after Aviva was born, my mother-in-law went up into the attic and pulled down all of her children's amazing clothing. It was a vintage motherload. This outfit is pieced together from a couple different outfits and I love it dearly. It was made by her great-grandmother, Anne. She hasn't met Aviva yet (she lives back east), but we hope that seeing her first great-grandchild in clothes made by her hand will touch her.

When I found this jumper, I thought it was so charming. It has straps with ribbon trim that criss-cross in the back. The lace shirt is another favorite of mine. Unfortunately, she'll only fit in it a little bit longer. Retiring clothes you love is rough!

Using some soft lace I had and the vintage rose elastic lace I thrifted two weeks ago, I made Aviva a baby french hood. Yes, a little silly looking, but sooo cute! If you don't know what a french hood is, google that or think of Queen Anne Boleyn (if you've watched or read The Other Boleyn Girl). I think they are such a neat accessory!

 Haha, ignore my husband in his running pants and flip flops! It's amazing how big our hands are compared to our babies. It always strikes me whenever she puts her palm up to mine. So sweet. <3

In case you are wondering what that black and white garment my husband is wearing is, it's called a "tallit" or "tallis". It is a four-cornered, Jewish garment with tassels called "tzittzit" or "tzittzis" on each corner. If you read the Torah or Old Testament, you may recognize them from Numbers 15:37-38.

37 And the Lord spoke unto Moses, saying:
38 Speak unto the children of Israel, and bid them that they make them throughout their generations fringes in the corners of their garments, and that they put with the fringe of each corner a thread of blue.
39 And it shall be unto you for a fringe, that ye may look upon it, and remember all the commandments of the LORD, and do them; and that ye go not about after your own heart and your own eyes, after which ye use to go astray...

People often ask so I thought I'd throw out a reply!


12 September 2011

5 Months

Aviva, my little love,

I can't believe 5 months has passed already. But at the same time, I can't remember what life was like without you. 

You've come so far and grown so much already! Inching along on the floor, rolling all over, drooling on everything, getting as much as you can in your mouth! Your strength is amazing! Making sweet syllables and wild shrieks of joy! I remember two months ago when you started calling breastmilk "ning-ning" whenever you got hungry. I wonder if it is a synonym for mama. It's music to my ears! 

You are huge! The 90th percentile for head circumference and 75th for weight and height. You are built like a model I can tell. You are so tall that it's hard for people to believe you are so young! 

In a month or so when you start solids, I worry you may want mama's milk less. I hope that isn't so because I cherish the time I spend nursing you. You are the light of my life and you keep me on a path of constant happiness when I was once lacking it. We have each other always. I love you, Aviva. You are the most beautiful creation I've seen! I thank God for you every day.

Your Ima

08 September 2011

Tutorial: Victorian Lace Cuff

Victorian? Well mid 1800's at the very least. Post-regency and pre-romantic? I don't know, I suppose lace cuffs existed through many points. At any rate, this is a basic, nearly no sew tutorial with a lot of leeway and possibility.

There is no right way to organize your lace and so forth so there's a lot of experimenting with your supplies. Speaking of which, here are some a general supply list!

  • Hot glue gun
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Strip of felt or weighted fabric that will wrap around the wrist
  • Lace
  • Cord
  • Ribbon
  • Beads or charms
  • Bias tape
  • Snaps, buttons, or some other way to fasten the cuff

I only had one color of felt at home: grey. Not optimal. So I grabbed a bit of brown quilt weight cotton and glued it down to my felt strip. Problem solved. That in mind, here are a couple of tips: for your large band of base lace, make it coordinate with your base fabric. It's better to sew beads on than to glue them, but if you want to glue them, choose flatter beads. Also, for the lace and cord etc, I recommend checking out the home decor section of your local craft store! LOTS of gorgeous options.

Experiment with your layout a bit before gluing it down. I didn't even use everything I threw down on the table. Then start gluing! I used bias tape around the edge first. Use a mitered edge or whatever other technique seems simplest to you for the bindings corners. Keep in mind when you select a technique that you'll probably be gluing them down, not sewing them down. Brown and black lace came next! Then I used the golden ribbon and so forth. 

Tadah! Now, embellish further with your beads or charms.

 I decided to sew in some faux pearl beads! 

After this, I chose a method to fasten the cuff. Weapon of choice? My plastic snap pliers! (the kind you use with cloth diapers, etc.) If I'd had better forethought, I'd have covered my snaps with fabric first (far more attractive and pretty easy). Oh well, I intend on gluing down a pretty flat charm the moment I find one that coordinates well. 

Other methods? A button and a small piece of elastic or string to slip the button through? Metal snaps? Or perhaps an eyelet punch to weave it together with ribbon, like a corset? So many options!

The finished product! A little bit of lovely. :) Thanks for reading and I hope you try it out!

07 September 2011

Little Pink Sailor

Big smile for the camera. <3 She's wearing a vintage Sacks Fifth Avenue pink sailor dress that originally belonged to her Auntie Jaci who is currently abroad in Australia. This dress came from the early eighties and has seem some love. Aviva is the third girl to wear it! Auntie Julianne wore it first.

Drool aside, there are cute white straps to be tied in a bow (which I tied rather inexpertly). 

For bottoms she's wearing yellow bloomers from a coordinating outfit from Saks. My friend Erin took a couple of pictures of both me and Aviva. 

My little sweetie. And that silly bow with little stringies of hair. Love! Poor thing, I'm obviously desperate to put any little bit of hair into a bow I can. If the nineties counts as vintage now (shocking... I was a kid in the nineties, how could that be vintage?! haha), then that plastic bow counts as vintage. 

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05 September 2011

Breastfeeding and Co-sleeping

Right off the bat, Avey had a perfect latch so breastfeeding hasn't been a stressful thing for us, but a joy. However, we found that I got more sleep if she co-slept next to me and thus, a huge co-sleeping advocate was born! She calmly wakes me up to let me know she is hungry and I nurse her in bed on my side. When we are done, I pull her over to my other side so that when she lets me know she's hungry again, all I have to do is get started just as we are. 

Josh  took this of us in the morning.

There are many advantages to side-lying breastfeeding. It keeps ones supply up for one thing. Co-sleeping is, in my opinion, one of the best things you can do for your supply if you can't breastfeed the baby on-demand through the day. If you have a really forceful let-down or have an abundance of milk, it allows the milk to dribble from the corner of a newborns mouth to prevent gasping and coughing.

People always talk about sleep lost over babies keeping them up through the night. If you really want to avoid this, give co-sleeping a try. After the first 2 and half months we had now night time wake ups (besides me nursing obviously). It's great watching her start to wake  up, nursing her, and watching her go back to sleep before she can get fussy or wide awake. 

The idea of getting up to go to the crib every time Ava wakes for food sounds exhausting now that I've gotten so used to the simplicity of our co-sleeping system. It makes it easier for me to drift off to sleep afterwards and I don't disturb Josh at all this way.

After we woke up, we took a couple pics on my iPhone.

But best of all, I love feeling my sweet little baby curled up against me, hearing and feeling her breathe softly all through the night. It's so reassuring and even soothing.

Mind you, when she was really little, I would still get up from the bed for the occasional diaper change and to entertain her when she decides she's wide awake. However, in the end I find our nights to be fairly peaceful. Now I know why my mother had my little brother Jonathan in bed with her. I thought it was strange back then, but he, like Ava, fell asleep so easily in bed compared to the crib.

So for any breastfeeding mothers considering co-sleeping, I hope this helps you make your decision. There truly is nothing like waking to see your newborn snuggled up as close as she can get to you, her head resting on your chest and her little fist curled up on your breast.

03 September 2011

The Sling

Babywearing often comes up with me. Someday I'll write about my parenting philosophies and methods and babywearing is a part of that list. I often encourage Josh to wear Aviva in the Snugli that Steph got us for our shower and they both love it. I wore the Snugli a lot but I decided I wanted to try sewing some other babywearing solutions before spending money on others I wanted to try. 

These aren't the best pictures of the sling (blurry, dusk photos and Aviva was wiggling around and crinkling it up, lol) but they serve the purpose. I used this tutorial from Handmade Adelaide Baby to put this sling together. The brown Moda fabric used was from my local Beverly's. It was my first time using a french-felled seam and I was surprised at how easy it was to create such a strong reinforced pocket for my sling.

Unfortunately, I made my french-felled seam a little too big and therefore the sling became a little too small in my opinion. But despite that, Avey Baby loves it! She likes having her arms both out and in. When in, she snuggles up close and holds on to me. Her mouth latches onto the fabric and she just soaks it right through was slobber. :) 

Here are a couple photos from the first times she wore it. Haha, and this is how it's supposed to sit! You can see the green vine stitching I did along the top and bottom of the sling in these iPhone photos. So the next one will be better! But for my first sling, both me and Aviva are happy.

02 September 2011

Friday's Family Photos: Walks

Like every week, we take abundant walks on the trail through the week. This is one of my favorite times to talk to Josh. It gives us time to enjoy the wildlife around us, Aviva's coos. Everything slows down and talking about life becomes easier in the silence of the trail.

Aviva sports her little lenses when we're out. Generally, she's a hit.

It's so beautiful along the trails here, grasses and dappled light at dusk, little miniature groves.

My poor wrist... tendonitis. It's keeping me from crafting; it's driving me crazy! A few weeks ago I started feeling pain in my left wrist. Whenever I moved my thumb, it would spasm in pain and would feel like it had popped out of place. It felt stuck. I would have to painfully move it in order for it to "pop back". 

My love. Josh and his silly faces. <3

I can't wait to start blogging again. This hiatus has been long!

01 September 2011

Thursday's Thrift Finds: The Garret

This week I went to the Garret Thrift Shop. This is a favorite. They fund a local hospital. I got a great 35mm lens and camera here a couple years ago. This time, a chotchke, and some other craft items. And obviously, I got another denim skirt (because no religious Jewish woman is complete without a ton of them!).

This week I found a cute patterned purse (to go along with my many Native American pattern inspired bags... ). Josh actually grabbed this one for me. One dollar! Someday, I'll replace the strap with something cuter and make it a bag for Aviva.

There were a ton of nifty crafting finds: cheap, vintage blanket binding and yards of rose colored elastic lace. 

I got this gingham cut of vintage fabric with an American charm. I'm planning on making Aviva a cute skirt and hat set from it next week. I hope wrist is healed up enough so I can get back to crafting! It's been really hard being unable to use my hand, but what can you do!

Lastly, Josh's find. LOL. Winnie the Pooh book ends of his favorite scene: Pooh's rear end stuck in the tree and the gang pulling his tush out. I said, "oh those would be a cute addition to Aviva's new white shelves!"

"Nope. Those are for me."