21 June 2011

Tutorial: Tailoring your own shirts

The finished product: an appropriately form-fitting shirt. Yay!

When I worked for Apple, there was a time where their employees nifty shirts only came in American Apparel sizes for men. I hate the frumpy look of them, being rather petite (not to mention flat chested!), so I'd tailor them in.

During maternity, I had some size Large shirts that I purchased. Well, I'd like to still wear them without looking majorly frumpy. So I tailor them down. It's rather simple and for any crafter this is probably useless information, but I did have a couple of co-workers once upon a time that were excited at such an prospect so this is dedicated to them. :)

First I turned my shirt inside out so I could make markings on it. I always chose a tee that I wanted my shirts to be sized down to match. You trace the outline of the desired sized tee on to the shirt you are working on.

Cut along the lines you've traced and then pin around the newly trimmed shirt. Sew a zig zag or overlock stitch around where you've trimmed. Turn inside out. Finished!


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