14 June 2011

Tutorial: Minky Nursing Pads

 Minky Nursing Pads

I am probably not the only one who can't stand the way the papery disposable nursing pads feel. They are over priced and additional waste to the environment that we really don't need. There had to be a greener option. So I decided I wanted to make my own nursing pads so I did research on materials up to the task. Lots of folks choose fleece or flannel for their outer layer, but I wanted something that wicked the moisture through to the core really well.

Enter minky. It's super soft against the skin (much unlike disposable nursing pads) and keeps the you dry. Let's say there is some leakage... Shortly after, you can't even feel it against your skin! I choose flannel as a thin absorbent core so they wouldn't get bulky and these feel absolutely fabulous.


Here's a quick how-to
(Makes one set of two)

Cut out four circles of minky fabric 4 to 5 inches in diameter and another four of the flannel. Some people use CDs to measure theirs, while I used a small bowl.

Pin two pieces of flannel between the minky pieces.

Sew around the outside of the circle using an overlock or zig-zag stitch or if you are the lucky owner of a serger, serge it. (My machine, the Singer Curvy, has an overlock stitch, kind of like a zig-zag and straight stitch in one.)

Voila! You are done!


  1. Hey pretty lady, I LOVE this tutorial! I bought some off Etsy right after Finley was born, but when I wean her I think I might need some more. Mine aren't minky, so these are even better. What a great idea to make them yourself! I don't have a serger either, but yours look like they turned out great!

    I have been thinking of you. How are you and your sweet baby girl?


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