16 May 2011

Fresh Air, Open Space

When Ava was three weeks old, Josh and I walked her up to. Briones for some open space and fresh air.

Josh, prince of the babywearers, wore Ava that day, and as he usually does when he's out with us. We think it's a good way to encourage bonding between father and child when the child is physically and emotionally closer to the mother due to nursing, co-sleeping, and so forth.

We took a lot of photos of me and Ava with our various squishy faced expressions. Lots of cute and silly occurred. This was a favorite.

Our family makes multiple little nature walks and drives through the week and we hope it continues as a happy, memorable tradition for Aviva and her future siblings.


  1. Awww how cute! I love the picture of you kissing her! <3

    You're cosleeping? I couldn't even if I wanted to due to the spazz I share the bed with... Erick moves so much in his sleep! And now that Ryan is older, I'm seeing that Ryan's sleeping positions look a lot like his daddy's...

  2. Gorgeous pictures! You guys are such a beautiful family! And, you look amazing!


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