09 May 2011

4 Weeks

Our little Ava is four weeks old today and I'm shocked at how time has flown right by me. The first month keeps you so busy! Near constant breastfeeding, diaper change after diaper change, walking her all over to keep her entertained, missing sleep desperately, and loving my little girl more than I can say. But I'll try my best anyway, knowing someday she'll read this.

Aviva, from day one we were amazed at your abilities. All parents think their kids are ahead of the game and ultra special; we are no exception. Immediately after they laid you down on my chest, you lifted your head up to get a look around yourself. I'm not sure how much or what you saw, but the moment that full head of hair thunked down on my chest we all turned to each other and said,  "you saw that right?" 

I remember when you wriggled your way up my chest until you found what you were looking for and latched right onto my breast, moments after you were born. I didn't expect you to know what to do. I could feel my heart thudding in my ears and tears welling up in my eyes and I looked on in wonder. I wrapped my arms around you, came out of my daze, and fell in love in that instant.

Your strength wows us all, family and doctors alike. Your smiles and new gurgling laughter charm everyone who meets you. You've transformed your grandparents from stressed and serious to baby-talking adults with a new light in their eyes. Your Ima (Mama) and Tati (Papa) have new purpose in life: to be parents and to do anything we can to get you to smile.

Ima and Tati adore you so much. You've changed us both for the better and we are so blessed to have you in our lives.


  1. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! The first month definitely does fly by... right there with you. My little one turns 7 weeks old tomorrow and he's so big already I don't understand where all the time has gone!

  2. Awww she's a cutie pie! Time does fly by! So love every second!!!

  3. She is so incredibly precious. I disappointed all I get to see are pictures, but I'm assuming your life is pretty busy with your new little one.


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