27 April 2011

Motherhood: Two Weeks In

Where does the time go? I have a backlog of blogs to catch up on! I truly didn't imagine I'd be so caught up in feeding, errands, resting, and cleaning that I'd not have time to sit at the computer! I suppose I do have the time but I find I've been attached to my eReader (easier to read laying down than the webs!) and I've reread all of the Sookie Stackhouse novels in anticipation of Charlaine Harris' new book, Dead Reckoning. Between Passover festivities and lack of sleep, I've been pretty useless outside of mommying!

This Sunday, Josh and I had plans to go to the Walnut Creek Farmers Market (I was inspired by the family outing of Morgan from Mama Loves Papa), but the morning was wet. (Bummer!) We figured having a newborn out in such weather was questionable so we opted for a Sunday drive instead. We decided we'd drive through Moraga, wander through Canyon, and drive the winding back roads between Moraga and the Oakland Hills. It was a gorgeous day after the rain subsided so we decided to pop on to the trail from the Big Bear Staging Area.

We recalled our respective 5th grade environmental camp trips and how we were dared to kiss the banana slugs (both of us, though fascinated, declined). It made me crave the days when I can take Ava and her siblings on nature hikes, teach them what we know, and dare them to do the same silly things.

We had a lovely day and we decided to make a thing of it.


  1. Ooooo the sookie stackhouse books! I still have to read those! :p

    Wow you have more energy than I had! I stayed in the house for the first three weeks and then when I left it was to go to target (to buy diapers lol)


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