04 March 2011

Green and White Spring Set

This morning I woke up determined to make my first pair of baby shoes and I figured I'd throw together a coordinating jumper to go with it. It's intended to be worn over a white onesie or perhaps a green shirt and white cardigan. Either way I definitely think it would look best with a cardi sine the straps are so simple.

The shoes may be a little misshapen near the arch (boo, I'll get it right next time!) but I'm sure they'll be fine once they are Baby's feet. They will stretch out with the elastic etc. Despite that, I am really happy with them and plan on perfecting the pattern next time. There are a few things I intend on doing differently. One is relating to how I should best take care of the elastic. Unlike most peoples baby shoe patterns, I didn't see a need to interface every single piece, just the top to give it a more canvas-like feel to match the rest of the shoe. I'll need to take notes for take two!

The dress is simple. Unlike the violet dress I made following Rachel's amazing pattern, this one doesn't use any buttons. My mother made a good point that buttons aren't all that safe for little folk so I thought I'd give it a go making a jumper with long enough straps that they could be slipped over shoulders instead. I also used less fabric (less than a fat quarter was used for all of the green and white cotton). The flowers are purely decorative at the moment, but technically if I wanted to go back and give this a more sophisticated fastening system, I would use little loops that would fasten around the flowers I think.

The violet dress I mentioned is one of those I made in January or February that I have yet to post. I guess I'll save it for another post. :)


  1. See I'm jealous, I want to have a girl! Girls get to have all the cute stuff! I want a girl next! Very cute booties!! I love them!

  2. so cute, good job! to answer your question (finally) i did take a hypnobirthing class with my first almost three years ago, but this time i just practiced on my own and re-read the book. honestly, i don't think the class is totally necessary but if you can get a hold of the book i would read it. i just practiced the breathing techniques and relaxed to their cd a few weeks before my due date. good luck! let me know how it turns out for you :)

  3. You are amazing with that sewing machine! I've tried to make Finley baby shoes twice and both time got so frustrated and confused that I ended up throwing them away. Those shoes and matching jumper are SO pretty!

    PS Thanks so much for your questions. I can't wait to answer them on my blog (soon!). You are going to be one.amazing.mama!


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