02 March 2011

Crib Blanket Complete!

I finished this the other day and have been avoiding taking pictures of it for no good reason other than pregnancy lazy moments (aka "I don't want to get the camera, I don't want to find a well lit room, I don't want to upload them, I don't want to blahblah I'm lazy).

But today before going to the doctors I decided enough was enough and figured I'd take some photos. Mind you, right after I uploaded them to my computer I said, "I'm too lazy to resize them and pop them into an entry." Alas, that's how I feel these days. :)

This quilt is made for an Ikea sized crib so I did the measurements and came up with a basic pattern myself. I wanted it simple. I don't have a walking foot or a darning foot, so machine quilting was out of the question. Enter "tufting" or "tied quilts". I had never known what it was called and my mother told me about it when she was working on another blanket for the little one. I apologize for the unleveled photos. I was in a rush to post before I got sleepy!

Ignore the setting for the photo. This is the room that had the nasty flooding and is currently half way through remodel.

Cotton top and flannel bottom.

Pink and green! <3

I did tufting or a "tied quilt" using yarn.

For my first complete blanket, I'm satisfied and I think that when my little girl can use it, she will be too.


  1. It's super cute! I love the ties! So when you say ikea sized crib... does that mean you bought a crib?! I want to see pictures!!


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