03 March 2011

33 Weeks!

On Tuesday, I hit 33 weeks. And yesterday (TMI), I started to lose my mucus plug! We went to the hospital and had them check to make sure I still sealed up tight, which I was! It feels great knowing I'm heading into the last stretch of the pregnancy. I'm that much closer to holding this precious person I've been thinking about constantly.

These photos made me realize how much weight I gained! Goodness! I started the pregnancy at 114 lbs. and hyperemesis gravidarum kicked in. I started to lose weight which was clearly no good as I was already 15 lbs. underweight. So doctor said I needed to gain 30 lbs. So what did I do? I gained 30 lbs. My face is so much rounder! I know that when I have the baby, I'll be losing a lot of the weight, but I'd be content to lose 15 and keep the rest. I tried really hard to gain weight for a long time and this pregnancy was just what I
needed. I feel so much better!

Lol, getting ready to take Charlie for a walk and Josh made me laugh.
The doctor also wanted to do a quick ultrasound since my old records hadn't made it to this hospital yet (don'tevengetmestarted) and the doctors said two things that made my day. One: "Wow, she's got a ton of hair already!" and two: "Her legs are so long! Would  you look at that!" Being mostly legs, I knew that meant that she must have my legs. Hearing something like that really makes it all so much closer! My mother and I predict that she'll be tall, all legs, but look like Josh, and have light eyes.

Me and ugly, little Charlie before our walk. <3


  1. Awww you look so happy! I can't wait to meet your little girl! Her and Ryan will have to have playdates!

    So I have spring break in two weeks and me and the baby will be coming to visit you! :)


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