30 March 2011


Blackbird Blackbird - Starlight

This blog used to be more music and photography oriented, so I thought I'd bring a little bit of that back. I had been in a music slump for a year, but this year I'm back into the listening swing. This is track, from the Modern Disbelief EP is so soothing! And I figured it was a good share given the gorgeous nature of the singles cover art. Often times, you can download Blackbird Blackbird's music for free or next to nothing (you can name your own price frequently) from their Band Camp account.

28 March 2011

37 Weeks!

Yeah, I look like a goober here, sloppy with a half eaten ice cream cone. But that's maternity folks! <3 We were getting rid of a bunch of Josh's excess books at Half Price Books and the local 31 Flavors was right there across the park... So naturally I came back with something for us while he was waiting in the store.

Josh: "Look at that dynamic angle!"
Me: "Yes, truly a work of art." :)

 I've been meaning to do a tutorial for my little ones butterfly mobile. Perhaps I'll finally get around to it tomorrow. Cheers!

04 March 2011

Green and White Spring Set

This morning I woke up determined to make my first pair of baby shoes and I figured I'd throw together a coordinating jumper to go with it. It's intended to be worn over a white onesie or perhaps a green shirt and white cardigan. Either way I definitely think it would look best with a cardi sine the straps are so simple.

The shoes may be a little misshapen near the arch (boo, I'll get it right next time!) but I'm sure they'll be fine once they are Baby's feet. They will stretch out with the elastic etc. Despite that, I am really happy with them and plan on perfecting the pattern next time. There are a few things I intend on doing differently. One is relating to how I should best take care of the elastic. Unlike most peoples baby shoe patterns, I didn't see a need to interface every single piece, just the top to give it a more canvas-like feel to match the rest of the shoe. I'll need to take notes for take two!

The dress is simple. Unlike the violet dress I made following Rachel's amazing pattern, this one doesn't use any buttons. My mother made a good point that buttons aren't all that safe for little folk so I thought I'd give it a go making a jumper with long enough straps that they could be slipped over shoulders instead. I also used less fabric (less than a fat quarter was used for all of the green and white cotton). The flowers are purely decorative at the moment, but technically if I wanted to go back and give this a more sophisticated fastening system, I would use little loops that would fasten around the flowers I think.

The violet dress I mentioned is one of those I made in January or February that I have yet to post. I guess I'll save it for another post. :)

03 March 2011

33 Weeks!

On Tuesday, I hit 33 weeks. And yesterday (TMI), I started to lose my mucus plug! We went to the hospital and had them check to make sure I still sealed up tight, which I was! It feels great knowing I'm heading into the last stretch of the pregnancy. I'm that much closer to holding this precious person I've been thinking about constantly.

These photos made me realize how much weight I gained! Goodness! I started the pregnancy at 114 lbs. and hyperemesis gravidarum kicked in. I started to lose weight which was clearly no good as I was already 15 lbs. underweight. So doctor said I needed to gain 30 lbs. So what did I do? I gained 30 lbs. My face is so much rounder! I know that when I have the baby, I'll be losing a lot of the weight, but I'd be content to lose 15 and keep the rest. I tried really hard to gain weight for a long time and this pregnancy was just what I
needed. I feel so much better!

Lol, getting ready to take Charlie for a walk and Josh made me laugh.
The doctor also wanted to do a quick ultrasound since my old records hadn't made it to this hospital yet (don'tevengetmestarted) and the doctors said two things that made my day. One: "Wow, she's got a ton of hair already!" and two: "Her legs are so long! Would  you look at that!" Being mostly legs, I knew that meant that she must have my legs. Hearing something like that really makes it all so much closer! My mother and I predict that she'll be tall, all legs, but look like Josh, and have light eyes.

Me and ugly, little Charlie before our walk. <3

02 March 2011

Crib Blanket Complete!

I finished this the other day and have been avoiding taking pictures of it for no good reason other than pregnancy lazy moments (aka "I don't want to get the camera, I don't want to find a well lit room, I don't want to upload them, I don't want to blahblah I'm lazy).

But today before going to the doctors I decided enough was enough and figured I'd take some photos. Mind you, right after I uploaded them to my computer I said, "I'm too lazy to resize them and pop them into an entry." Alas, that's how I feel these days. :)

This quilt is made for an Ikea sized crib so I did the measurements and came up with a basic pattern myself. I wanted it simple. I don't have a walking foot or a darning foot, so machine quilting was out of the question. Enter "tufting" or "tied quilts". I had never known what it was called and my mother told me about it when she was working on another blanket for the little one. I apologize for the unleveled photos. I was in a rush to post before I got sleepy!

Ignore the setting for the photo. This is the room that had the nasty flooding and is currently half way through remodel.

Cotton top and flannel bottom.

Pink and green! <3

I did tufting or a "tied quilt" using yarn.

For my first complete blanket, I'm satisfied and I think that when my little girl can use it, she will be too.