03 January 2011

Sewage, Explosions, and County Hospitals

Haha, that title sounds way more chaotic than things really were.

Friday night involved the master bedroom and bathroom overflowing with sewage waste. Have had clean up/demolition crews here everyday since. Every MORNING since. Saturday night concluded in murderously explosive glassware, resulting shards fused to the kitchen walls and appliances after it exploded. That one I'll explain. Someone in the house turned the stove top eye on for tea but turned on the wrong eye. That eye had a glass casserole dish on it. Welp, we heard an explosion and Josh's mom scream,"OH MY G-D." Needless to say, if anyone had been in the kitchen when it happened, they would of gotten glass through the eyes, face, chest, stomach, whatever. Ridiculous.

On Sunday, I woke up with inner thigh pain on the left upper side. Eventually I started to feel nauseated by pain that spread to my lower right abdomen and then to my side and ending in my mid to lower back. It was like menstrual cramps not a sharp pain, but about 3 times worse than the worst bed-confining cramps. Worst part was that the pain decided to climax while I was standing in Joann's buying some quilting goods. I couldn't drive home until the pain subsided somewhat. But every 15 minutes it roared anew. Josh was at work and I didn't think I could get to the doctors alone. I figured, "feh, 4 hours and he'll be done with work." Well, the pain lasted 5 hours total. By an hour before his return, it subsided.

We called the advice nurse today and asked for... advice. She told us to come in. Mind you, I've never been to a county hospital. I've been spoiled all of my life with proper health care. Well let me tell you, those days are over. Archaic equipment and four pregnant women to a triage room is ridiculous. But worse yet was the woman playing hip-hop ringtones from her cell phone then dancing around in the bed. Mind you, she was nearly 40, 28 weeks along and had just crashed her Scion into someone else. I'm not ageist obviously. I just think that kind of crap should be left to your teenage son, not a parent. Be respectful; there are people trying to control their level of pain in that room and it could not possibly help having to hear lo-fi hip-hop blasting all day.

They couldn't detect the source of the pain (this is the third time I've been incapacitated by pain, and nope, it's not round ligament pain) so the doctor ordered a comprehensive ultrasound to check my ovaries etc. to see if there are issues causing pain there,. Therefore, back to the hospital again Monday. Hopefully all is fine. :) Blood work clean, baby fine!

Rough weekend, but things always get better. :)


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