09 January 2011

My First Baby Dress!

I know I was supposed to post skirt pictures, but I've been so productive this weekend, I found more things to share,like this dress! Despite being somewhat misshapen, it looks great in person! Embroidered linen has a coolness factor that makes up for the mistakes a bit (there are lots of them as it's my first baby dress). I used the Lotta Jansdotter pattern "Simple Dress" from her book Simple Sewing for Baby. Instead of making my own bias strips, I purchased double fold bias tape to prevent unnecessary headaches. I dislike following patterns and do better with improvisation (really, I'm just too hard-headed to follow directions). At any rate, voila.

Tomorrow, I'll try and swap out this photo for a better one. It's sleepy time and I can't be bothered quite yet!


  1. Every cute!! And when your baby out grows this, you can save it in a shadowbox! :)


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