04 January 2011

First Quilt Project

I ordered a couple of Sandy Gervais Awesome charm packs the other day. I had the intention of making my first quilt with them. Lovely warm Autumn colors (shhh I know it's winter, but autumn is my favorite season) and a good sale at the Fat Quarter Shop made me select these.

As I've never made a quilt before, I deliberated over which pattern to use as my first. I had a couple of simpler ones selected but I eventually decided to simply design my own simple quilt, something intended to help me practice useful quilting skills. Tomorrow I'll post my progress.

Meanwhile, I'm getting over a 24-hour stomach flu bug or something of the sort. D: One thing after another this year already! So I'll be slow at it tomorrow, doubtlessly. ;)


  1. I taught Andrea about charm packs (she's shown interest in quilting) so as she was browsing FQS, I noticed that they've added a few new charm packs that are on sale! Yay!

    I love the Awesome collection! I really like the fall colors. I look forward to seeing what you do with them!


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