08 January 2011

Feline Intellect

Tonight, I finished two skirts and I plan on posting pictures of those tomorrow when there is daylight. But I felt like sharing what it's like sewing with Severus.

So, he generally inches his way in to my peripheral and peers down at my work. He appears to have a very critical eye.

But he is not merely satisfied with this. He feels the need to put his nose where it does not belong.

He does not appear to like my work.


  1. LOL! I'm lucky Sookie leaves me alone when I'm working. However, she gets into everything when I'm not looking! One positive is that it makes me clean up after myself. Because if I don't, what ever I leave out becomes Sookies new toy. I woke up last night to "the farmer and the dell" because Sookie was playing with Ryan's jumperoo... I went into the loft to turn it off, and Sookie is sitting under it watching the "light show.". I had to smile because if I was a cat, finding something that made noise and lit up the night would be pretty exciting. Hell, even Tiger woke up to check it out, lol.


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