01 September 2010

About the LOVE machines

This holiday season, my mother purchased a sewing machine for me. She wanted me to learn to make baby items (I am expecting and due in Spring of 2011). This blog is an attempt to catalog what I am working on and learning as far as sewing goes. This blog has been around since 2005, on and off from one server or blog host to another, cataloging my interests in photography, arts, and now, I've decided to include crafting. My mother and uncle always had me knitting or making jewelry or sewing simple things, but I definitely began to take crafting more seriously as I got older. Now that I have someone to make things for, it's all I can think about.

My husband, Josh, and little old me, somewhere in the Berkeley Hills.

Random facts about Rose.
This year I got married and am expecting a child. (edit: Aviva was born 4/11/11!) I was an only child until I was 18. I love photography and collect vintage cameras. I used to draw constantly and after about 10 years of that, I fizzled. I am Korean, Black, and White. I am Jewish. I have two cats, Severus and Liadan. I love BBC adaptations of my favorite Jane Austen and Bronte books. I enjoy a variety of crafts (knitting, sewing, drawing, polymer clay, painting). My favorite software titles are Adobe Photoshop and Logic Pro 8. I use both PCs and Macs. I used to fix peoples Apple products. I play video games. My favorite video games are Final Fantasy VIII, World of Warcraft, Star Wars Battlefront, and Pokemon. I am a huge nerd for Star Wars (expanded universe and all) and I enjoy watching the terribly wonderful Star Trek original series with my husband, Josh. Settlers of Catan is my game of the moment, a strategic board game. I have yet to finish my degree in the Japanese language. I can read, write, and speak light Korean and Hebrew. I love to study languages. In addition to Japanese, Hebrew, and Korean, I have taken Russian, Mandarin, and French in school.

2010 brought a lot of new, exciting things for me, so I thought it would be a great time to start a new venture: some serious sewing.


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