29 October 2009


I put in my two weeks. Yet again.

It hasn't been easy working with rude, cliquish people. A manager that seems to have it out for me because I observe the Shabbat. A company that has me start at the bottom every time I transfer after having established myself at my previous stores in multiple fashions.

It isn't 100% awful, obviously. But I'm tired of wasting my time with the unpleasantness of retail. I feel unfulfilled. But to be honest, I'd feel more fulfilled if people were more welcoming and less rude. :( Too many people feel like their sass is justifiable. Where are the nice people in the world? Well, not to say there aren't nice people in the world because there are a couple of amazingly sweet, amiable people.

I so ready to feel fulfilled by a job.

Cathy bought me a pink skull onesie from the girls section of the store. ;) I'm 5'11" and I managed to fit. A salesperson at the mall told me I looked so young. "Oh yeah, that Korean in you, it makes you look young and cute and demure. Asians look young for a long time." Haha! I feel like a little kid. I always loved feeling like a little kid.


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