31 October 2009

Nearly NaNo...

Shavua tov. And oh man, NaNoWriMo is almost hear. Scary! I hardly know what to do! I'm anxious and worried! I'm stuffing my face as a result! I hope all goes well! I don't have many more Van's wheatygrainy waffle things. That could be problematic.

29 October 2009


I put in my two weeks. Yet again.

It hasn't been easy working with rude, cliquish people. A manager that seems to have it out for me because I observe the Shabbat. A company that has me start at the bottom every time I transfer after having established myself at my previous stores in multiple fashions.

It isn't 100% awful, obviously. But I'm tired of wasting my time with the unpleasantness of retail. I feel unfulfilled. But to be honest, I'd feel more fulfilled if people were more welcoming and less rude. :( Too many people feel like their sass is justifiable. Where are the nice people in the world? Well, not to say there aren't nice people in the world because there are a couple of amazingly sweet, amiable people.

I so ready to feel fulfilled by a job.

Cathy bought me a pink skull onesie from the girls section of the store. ;) I'm 5'11" and I managed to fit. A salesperson at the mall told me I looked so young. "Oh yeah, that Korean in you, it makes you look young and cute and demure. Asians look young for a long time." Haha! I feel like a little kid. I always loved feeling like a little kid.

Really Awesome Song: Röyksopp, Dead to the World

In the dead of the night you seem closer to me.
The next day I wake up and know how unreal it is,
feeling so tense like I'm caught in a corner.
You can't speak but I hear you calling.
I come back for you.

I've been dead to the world and I've chosen to be
inside under pillows with marvels and wonder,
sedating my will to exist in the open.
I don't move but I keep on moving.
I'm only with you.

Röyksopp, Dead to the World


My new Sookie and Eric song, too. ;)

18 October 2009

Best Sookie and Eric Quotes (SPOILER ALERT)

SPOILER ALERT (directed at Stephanie).

Eric: "We could go back to your house. I can stay with you always. We can know each other's bodies in every way, night after night. I could love you. I could work. You would not be poor. I would help you." Sookie: "Sounds like a marriage." Eric: "Yes"

Eric: "I hate having feelings."

Two of the best quotes pertaining to my favorite couple.


16 October 2009

She wept with waking eyes

By this he knew she wept with waking eyes:
That, at his hand's light quiver by her head,
The strange low sobs that shook their common bed
Were called into her with a sharp surprise,
And strangled mute, like little gaping snakes,
Dreadfully venomous to him. She lay
Stone-still, and the long darkness flowed away
With muffled pulses. Then as midnight makes
Her giant heart of Memory and Tears
Drink the pale drug of silence, and so beat
Sleep's heavy measure, they from head to feet
Were moveless, looking through their dead black years.
By vain regret scrawled over the blank wall.
Like sculptured effigies they might be seen
Upon their marriage-tomb, the sword between;
Each wishing for the sword that severs all.

Excerpt from George Merediths "Modern Love"

09 October 2009

06 October 2009


"To accept the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven is to throw off the yoke of human domination and dictatorship. 'You shall be servants unto Me,' said the Lord, "and not servants unto my servants."

If there was ever a simple sentence to explain why Jesus isn't legitimate, there it is. HaShem is pretty clear. Rabbi Chaim HaLevy Donin nailed it. (no pun intended)

Stolen, Relapse

Yes, I'm not always clever. I stopped using an email address, one that I forgot was tied to my domain name thelovemachines.com. Well, someone camped it and when it expired, they got it. :( So... one day later, enter thelovemachines.net. Oy.

You know, here I am trying to focus on my NaNoWriMo 2009. But I'm distracted! Stephanie and Joshua suggested I take up Warcraft again, so here I am. I'm Termina on Bronzebeard at the moment, if you are playing. My goal is to get this character to 55 this month. I guess I'll have to start playing fiercely tonight. ;) Although, I really want to play on a PVP server again!

05 October 2009

ספר רזיאל המלאך (Sefer Raziel HaMalach)

People understand my last name, Rosier, as "rosebush" in French. That it is. But the other, truer origin? Rosier is also known in some Christian sense as a fallen angel of the second dominion. Rosier is also known as Rosiel. The name Rosiel comes from the Hebrew "Raziel", who is one of HaShems archangels. He is famous for the masterpiece of confusion formulas and text in Sefer Raziel HaMalach, that he revealed to Adam HaRishon. He gave Adam and Chava the key to creation. It's one of those difficult to understand, barely commented on pieces of Jewish literature, as mystic as The Zohar and Sefir Yetzirah. I'm purely amazed right now at the awesomeness of it.

While in an amazing sukkah, a small copy was found inside of the basket of benchers. Apparently it's like a charm to carry around with you. Simply amazed. :)

If you want to read more about it, here is the wiki article.

01 October 2009

Like A Sunset

Finally, more of Pitchfork's obsession with Animal Collective! And the article is hardly about Pheonix, the band being remixed by Animal Collective. Well, I guess it's fair. I have an inappropriate passion for their wailing too. <3