07 August 2009


I am now the proud owner of a Polaroid Spectra. <3 The Lord is good. :) lol Coliseum Swap Meet in Oakland is pretty cool, but Oakland is pretty scary, unless you're stoned. I also got Josh and I this Rogue and Gambit X-men comic from 1993. I left it for him on the seat of the car with a piece of paper that said "Happy forever <3.". And now I realize what a romantic man I would make. Amazing.

I have that Polaroid Spectra film just waiting to be used. Good, indeed.

Well, shabbat shalom. :D


  1. Someone one my flist just got back from Jerusalem and has posted lots of pictures: http://cutecoati.livejournal.com/129641.html Thought it might interest you! :D


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