03 August 2009


New haircut! :)

There are things I think I need to start doing to help my day start better.

x Daven Shacharit and study some Torah first thing in the morning
x Eat a decent breakfast aka my great smoothie <3
x Exercise first thing in the morning

I figure if I'm occupied trying to keep up with something I'd be distracted a bit from my missing-Joshua-melancholy.

Things I need to work on in general?

x Davening regularly (and often more often)
x Updating journal (I'll feel solid for not missing a day)
x Creating something creative once a day (minus Shabbat obviously)

I feel like I've broken the strictness of my day since I stopped working for Apple, WC. I think that better breakfast, constant blogging/journaling, exercise, creativity, and Torah are the key to a solid day. I need the positive endorphins and the freshness of a morning swim to get my ready to daven maybe. I'll give it a try. :) After the cleanse of Tisha B'Av, I think it's a shame to waste this chance at a new beginning of some sort.


  1. And, you know, talking to your old bff who lives just down the freeway! :P I've been so bored.

    Sounds like a great plan to start your days! I like that you mentioned creativity! I'm in desperate need of a creative buddy!

  2. Oh, sorry! CUTE HAIRCUT! Me like, yes!


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