05 August 2009


Today, I was so overwhelmed by unemployment that I kept sending myself to tears. So I called all of the places I was trying not to call again. I prayed a lot today. I got a call back from a place I applied to two months ago by calling them today and talking to the right people. And guess who called me back? The manager from my old place, who happened to transfer to this location where I now live. He said he pretty much absolutely wants me for a Full-Time position like the one I had before. I'm flattered. :) Because of Shabbat availability issues he said it may be some work convincing the manager to give me full-time but that he would try. And honestly, even if I don't get FT, I'll just keep living with my family and going to school too. But if I go back to doing this, I'm taking a break from school while I work and save, so I can afford school (which is the problem now). And then once I've got enough for rent and a deposit and some extra, I'm moving into a different apartment. I will always love my family, but I can't live with them easily. But wow, today.

Today is a great example of prayers being answered, simply. And I love it. B"H.


That was a nice thing, seeing another Jew with peyos around. It's nice seeing reaffirmations that me and Joshua aren't the only folks around NorCal that are into Orthodoxy. <3


  1. You're posting here now? Thanks for telling me! Pst! :P

    Well, I signed up for Draco/Ginny LDWS. (There are still some spots left if you want to give it a try!) First challenge is scheduled to post today, so I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm hoping that writing short drabbles will spark my muse to get started on my Ginny Big Bang. I'm kinda stuck, inspiration wise. Since you're stuck where you are, we should band together and inspire each other! Give me a call! I still think we should have a creative day together! :D I'm free Sunday! LOL


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